Advantages of Python Programming Language

Advantages of Python programming language

Friends, the ultimate aim of our studies is to build a great career. There are multiple options available to choose from according to our interests and career goal. Therefore, for the students having an interest in the technical field, knowledge of one of the programming languages is a must. However, as a beginner. it is quite confusing to choose the right programming. In such a situation, there is a need to analyze the advantages and uses of these programming languages. In this article, we will try to do an in-depth analysis of the uses and the advantages of Python programming language.

We have noticed that the demand for Python professionals has increased in the last few years. There are reasons behind it. To understand this, let’s list down the advantages of Python programming language that attract programmer to learn Python 

Ease of Programming  

Python is a coder friendly language. Among all the programming languages, it is easier to code in Python. One can learn Python syntax with little effort. Because its codes are in the natural English language, which is easy to understand and use, Python is called programmer-friendly language. Therefore a Python programmer has to do lesser coding to build an application as compared to other programming languages.


 Python is an open-source programming language. Hence, it is an entirely free language, and its source code is available to the whole world. One can easily download, play around the code, make changes as per need, and develop complex applications with ease. Python has a vast standard library which a large number of resources, which is a great help for startups in developing desired applications much faster.

Use in Futuristic Technologies

Today no one can deny the rising popularity of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science. No doubt, Python is one of the best programming languages that we use. Because of its various advantages, Python has a simple syntax, flexibility, consistency, multiple tools, access to vast libraries and frameworks, and platform independence. At every stage of software building, whether it is development or deployment or maintenance, Python helps a developer to be more productive and confident. Python language covers everything from data mining to deep learning.

Object-oriented language 

Python is an object-oriented language; hence, it helps to learn other programming languages. A python programmer can either write a program using an object-oriented feature of Java or C or can simply use functional features of C and C ++.

Use of modules and packages 

Python language supports the use of modules and packages. In simple terms, one can design a python program in a modular style, and many other developments use its code.

Supports multiple frameworks

Python supports several frameworks that make web programming very flexible. Django is the most well-known Python framework for web development.

Graphical user interfaces

GUI is a form of a user interface, which uses icons or other visual indicators to allow the user to interact with an electronic device rather than just text through the command line. Python helps in creating GUI.

Fully embeddable feature

Python is fully embeddable, meaning other programming language code can be inserted in its source code, and python code can be inserted in the source code of other languages. This allows the programmer to integrate the scripting capabilities of other languages.

Supports various platforms

Python is one language that supports multiple systems and platforms. This includes Mac OS, MS-DOS, UNIX-based systems, OS2, and various versions of Microsoft Windows.

Card sized microcomputer 

With the introduction of a card-sized microcomputer, Python has expanded its reach to new heights. With the advanced python programming, one can quickly build cameras, radios, games, or some new revolutionary gadgets.

To conclude, we can say that the benefits of Python are endless. Hence, there is always a never-ending demand for Python developers. Today Python developers are offered a decent salary. As per one of the marker reports the average starting salary of a python developer in India in around 5 Lacs per annum. All the leading companies like Google, YouTube, Yahoo, etc. use Python. No doubt, Python is one of the leading programming languages which has enormous career potential.

Popular uses of Python

Here are some of the popular uses of Python-

  • Server-side web development.
  • Software development (Gaming, GUI, Gadgets etc.).
  • Handling and analyzing big data.
  • Rapid prototyping.
  • Solving complex mathematical problems.
  • Used by many new generations, IT companies Yahoo, Twitter, Google, Facebook, and Quora, etc.

Learning of Python

There are multiple options, both online and offline available to learn Python.

However, it is advised to do a complete research of the course or take expert advice before enrolling. It is advisable to do step by step learning. Consistent practice is essential to get a command over the language.

After getting an understanding of the underlying data structure, object-oriented programming, and writing code, one should execute some good projects based on it. This will give confidence.

After completing the basic course in Python, one should choose a specific course like Machine Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, etc. Start early to be a future-ready talent!

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