Why This Website?

Who Am I

Friends, I am no other than you. ‘A student’, who has the same feelings, needs and ambitions like any other student in this world. Currently, pursuing my engineering from a reputed private college of India.

Why I started my website

Here is the background of why I started my website.

While staying in a hostel, I realized that there are things that we need which are beyond our studies. These things are not a luxury but a necessity. We can call it as the basic needs of every student. Therefore, the question here is what are these basic needs? If you ask this question to any student, the answer will that, he wants to have an outstanding career but at the same time does not want to compromise in his lifestyle. He wants to take a good e-learning program that could help him to meet his career objective.  He also needs the latest trending lifestyle items like-shore, shorts, jeans, and gadgets. Today’s generation lives in style with a lot of craze for brands. Of course, the budget is an essential aspect while we choose to buy these things. We need the best of items in a reasonable and negotiated price. We need someone who can help us in selecting what we need.

All these thoughts instigated me to think deeply and start a student-oriented website. I decided to help my friends by bringing the trending lifestyle items and the best of the e-learning courses. My objective is to provide the best that can help in building a great career along with a great lifestyle.

In an attempt to help my friends, I decided to develop a one-stop website where decision-taking could be more comfortable. Selecting the right products and e-learning courses be hassle-free. We always have a craze for brands and the things that are latest in trend. Keeping all this in my mind, I developed this website where I recommend some of the well-reviewed and reasonably priced products shortlisted from multiple online stores.

The objective is to help Students

With life getting competitive day by day, it is not easy to select the right e-learning program from multiple platforms over the internet. To make it easy, I have done a thorough review of all the well-recognized e-learning websites and have handpicked the best and affordable courses. One can easily choose the right e-learning course according to interest and career goals. Many of these courses are even free, and I strongly suggest our beginner friends build their fundaments before investing in the paid programs.


My vision is to stand by the needs of the student and provide honest and reliable guidance.


Friends, this is just a beginning for me. However, I can assure you that whatever I will be putting forth through my website will have all the due diligence and quality. I will also be writing some of the articles on various subjects that would be of your interest. These articles will mainly be around student lifestyle needs and career opportunities. I will love to receive feedback from you as it will motivate and improve my initiative.


I’m here to stay long and am sure of getting your confidence soon!





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