Buying Jeans -Here are the things to be checked  Brand, price, fitting and fabric

Friends, we all love to wear Jeans. It’s an all-occasion and all-season dressing. It is the most popular dressing option across the globe, irrespective of age and gender. Today almost every youth prefers to wear jeans because of its comfort, durability, and smart look. However, many times, while buying jeans we get confused about selecting the perfect jeans. In this article, we will understand the various checkpoints that need to be taken care of while buying jeans

Here are the things to be checked while shopping a jeans

1. Quality of the fabric- An important thing to be checked while buying jeans

Quality of the fabric

While you are buying jeans, look at the quality of the material. All renowned online stores provide the composition of fabric used. Pay special attention to the fabric while buying jeans. Many times polyester-lycra fabric is mixed along with denim to improve the appearances of jeans. It is advised to purchase jeans where the percentage of denim is above 90 percentages. If the denim percentage is below 90 percentages, then it will not be comfortable, and its fitting will not be proper either.

2. Try something new in style – the trending one

Buying Jeans

As a good idea to try something new in design or color instead of buying the same jeans by going out of your comfort zone. Some people prefer to buy the same design and always wear and buy the same jeans. One should follow the trend.

3. Buy the jeans what suits your body shape

Buying Jeans as per your body shape

Many people think that jeans will not be a perfect match for their personality. That is why they do not buy jeans even if they want to. It’s a wrong assumption. Jeans are available with various fitting options giving ample options to choose from.

4. Go for a good brand Jeans while shopping

Buying Jeans - check for brand

There are hundreds of jeans brands available in the market. It is always advised to buy from a well-known brand. These brands maintain quality standards in shape, size, and fabric. It is a wrong mindset that branded jeans are always costly.

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5. Don’t always go by the price tag while buying jeans

check the price

Some of the good quality branded jeans are even available at a lesser cost. While buying from a showroom it is a good idea to take trial for multiple jeans. Pick the one which suits your pocket as well as the body.

6. Buy jeans during sale time- You will get your favorite brand much cheaper

sale time

Another good way to purchase branded jeans at a lesser price is to buy during the sale season. Such sales come very often these days and give a good opportunity for shopping.

7. Check at multiple online stores while buying jeans

Same product you can get at cheaper price if you explore it at multiple online stores.


To summarize, I would suggest you that look at the fabric, the price that your pocket allows and the fitting that suits your body. Plan the purchase of your favorite brand during the sale period. 

Friend, hope these buying tips will be helpful to you in taking the right decision and selecting the perfect jeans for yourself


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