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What are the sure-shot questions one should prepare for an interview

Sure-shot interview questions one should prepare and answer smartly


An interview plays one of the most important roles in getting any job. Despite having a good qualification, if you are not able to perform well in the interview, then it is not impossible to get a job.  Sometimes, we take the interview very casually and give very silly answers to the questions asked. This happens because of our unpreparedness. In this article, we will tell you about some of the common and sure-shot questions asked in almost every interview. We will also guide you on how to prepare those questions in advance so that you can give a smart reply during the interview. So, let’s talk about those sure-shot questions asked during your interviews.

Here are the 12 Sure-shot frequently asked interview questions and how to answer them smartly 

1. Tell us about yourself – One of the sure-shot questions asked in almost all job interviews

The first question asked in almost all job interviews is, tell us about yourself. This question seems very easy to hear, but giving a perfect answer to this question is most difficult. A satisfactory answer to this question determines your preparedness and confidence.

Tell us about yourself - One of the sure-shot questions asked in almost all job interviewsTo answer this question, you have to give a very brief description of yourself. Here, you should tell about your educational qualifications and related achievements. In addition to that, if you have done any other course besides your degree, you should highlight that. Here, you have to talk about your accomplishments without sounding like a braggart. You should prepare a good answer for this question as explained here and practice it before going for the interview.

2. What do you know about our company? 

A perfect answer to this question will show how serious you are for this job. By asking this question, the interviewer wants to judge your preparedness and seriousness for this job. In answering this question, candidates who have not proper homework and research about the company, are definitely going to make a bad impression. 

Sure-shot interview questionsHence, you should do thorough research about the company before going for the interview.  To answer this question, you should tell about the year of establishment, key services, key achievements, recent media news and other relevant information about that company.  You must also say that ‘It will be a pleasure for me to work for this company. I am sure that working here will provide me with a lot of learning and a good experience.’ Believe me, providing good inputs about the company in your answer will certainly impress the interviewer. 

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3. Why do you want to make a career in this job?

The next among the sure-shot questions asked in the interview is why you chose this job? The same question can be asked differently also. Why do you want to make a career in this job or Why should we hire you? Through this question, the interviewer wants to know about your seriousness and interest in the job profile. 

Why do you want to make a career in this jobIf you are not prepared to answer this question, you will end up with some silly replies. If the interviewer feels that you have come to do the job not because of your desire but because of any compulsion or greed, then it creates a negative impact. Even if you need this job for money or at the behest of parents or friends, it is advised not to tell during the interview. Your answer should make it feel that you are very much interested in this job. You should explain that your qualifications and experience meet job requirements and you feel that you are the right fit for this kind of job.  You must say that I am sure that my experience will help a lot in this work and will play an important role in taking the company forward.’ 

4. Why is there a gap in your career?

Why is there a gap in your careerThis is one of the trickiest and among and also sure-shot questions asked in an interview if you have a gap in your studies or career. You have to be very careful in answering this question. Any negative impression in the mind of the interviewer can result in your rejection.

To answer this, you have to be honest and tell the exact reason behind it. However, you have to articulate your answer that it is convincing and show your positive attitude. 


5. Why do you want to leave your previous job?

If you have previous experience, this is the most important question without which no job interview is complete. The interviewer here wants to understand if there is any compulsion due to which you leaving your previous job.

Why do you want to leave your previous jobThis question needs to be answered very smartly. Although you have faced a lot of problems in the previous job, telling about them in the interview can damage your image. Your answer to this question should show your positive thinking. You can say that ‘ I am looking for new possibilities for my career where I can grow professionally and further improve my skills’. 

6. How do you deal with pressure or stress?

How do you deal with pressure or stressIn this question, the interviewer wants to understand your ability to work in adverse situations. They might give you a circumstance and expect you to tell how will you handle this situation? 

Here, you should give an answer that shows how productive you are even in stressful situations. You can share any similar experience that you have handled successfully in the past.

7.  Tell us about your biggest weakness

your biggest weaknessAnother sure-shot question asked during the interview is regarding your weakness. This question is asked to check how good are you in articulating even the negative things positively.

You should answer this question in such a way that your positive attitude is evident in it.  One of the examples that you can refer to – ‘When I plan to do a task, sometimes I take more time than the schedule to make it even better. This I take as my weakness.’ This kind of answer shows that you are motivated to improve your work. Hence, you are showing a positive attitude even in your weakness.

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8. Tell us about your biggest strength

Sure-shot interview questions- your biggest strengthHere, the interviewer checks your smartness of highlighting your positiveness without sounding like a braggart.

There could be multiple answers to this question but give only give positive replies. You need to articulate your answer using the right selection of words. Most of the candidates give the same repeated answer to this question that they are hardworking, positive, etc. But if answer this question a little differently, you will certainly make a positive impact.  Here, you talk about your ‘ability to work, problem-solving skills, decision-making ability, professional experience, and leadership skills’.

9. What is the biggest achievement of your career so far?

Sure-shot interview questions- your biggest achievementThis is one of the easiest questions to answer in an interview.

However, you need to answer this question in a very humble and polite manner. Highlight all the awards, appreciations and notable achievements that you have received in your career and education so far. 

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10. Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

Sure-shot interview questions- where you see yourself after 5 yearsBy asking this question, the interviewer wants to check how much you are serious about your career path.

To answer this asked,  you should give an honest and clear view of your career goals. Make sure that you give a realistic answer and should be relevant to the job you are being interviewed.

11. How much salary do you expect?

Sure-shot interview questions - your expected salaryThis question is among the last few sure-shot questions asked in an interview if the interviewer is satisfied with your answers so far. This question shows that you have a fair chance of getting selected for the job.

To answer this question perfectly, do some research on the existing salary offered by the companies for the same skills and experience. The smart way to answer this question is to tell that your expectation is as per the industry standards for this role and experience. Here, it is advised not to talk about any fixed amount.

12. If you want to ask anything about the company or about the job, then you can ask

This question is asked towards the end of the interview.

Sure-shot interview questions- any thing you want to ask?You should be well prepared with a question. In a polite manner, you can ask that ‘ although I have done good research about the company, I would be keen to know about the role, responsibilities and future roadmap. This will show your seriousness about this job.



Friends, we have tried our best to bring here all the sure-shot and frequently asked questions in an interview. We hope that the answers suggested here will help you to prepare well and get selected in your next interview. You should practice answering these questions by standing in front of the mirror and build your confidence. 

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