How to prepare and ensure sure-shot selection in an interview

How to prepare and ensure sure-shot selection in an interview

Seven steps of preparation to ensure sure-shot selection in any interview

An interview is one of the most significant hurdles that we need to cross during the job selection process. We prepare quite well for the written exam but take our interview easily. This is the biggest mistake that we do. We forget that for getting a good job, it is not only the written exam where we have to perform, but we also need to excel during the interview. However, a question that bothers us a lot is regarding the preparation for an interview? In this article, we will explain the seven steps that will give us success in the interview. We will understand how this preparedness will help us to influence the interviewer with our smart answers and pleasing personality. Thereby ensuring the chances of getting selected for the job.

Step 1 of the Interview Preparation – Know your prospective employer 

Step 1 of the Interview Preparation - Know your employer One of the most common questions asked during the interview is your knowledge about the company you are being interviewed. Getting information about any company is quite easy these days. Do a complete research about that company. We must go through the company website and check their balance sheet, key stake-holders, core business, year of operations, and recent media coverage. Express your interest in the company during the interview. During the interview, the interviewers must get a feeling you are the right candidate for them. Knowing this much about the company will create a very positive impression during the interview.

Step 2 of the Interview Preparation – Create a perfect resume

Step 2 of the Interview Preparation - Create a perfect resumeMust remember that your resume is the 1st impression in the mind of the interviewer. Before you are called for the interview, your resume reaches in their hand. Make sure that your resume is drafted in a suitable format and has no spelling mistakes. Highlight your strengths and achievements that are meeting the job’s requirements. Fine-tune your resume and highlight your experience, certifications, and skills that are in line with the job requirements. Your resume should not be more than two pages. Do not write anything in the resume, which is not correct.

Step 3 of the Interview Preparation – Practice Trough Mock Interviews

Step 3 of the Interview Preparation - Practice Trough Mock InterviewsThis is one of the essential steps that will help you to prepare your interview. Many people get nervous during the interview. Hence, they are not able to answer even the easy questions in the right manner. This results in getting rejected during their interview. It is said that “Practice makes a man perfect”. Therefore, to overcome nervousness, you should prepare and practice in advance.

Create an interview like atmosphere in your room and take help from a family member or friend to prepare you for the interview. Take this activity seriously and get used to relevant questions than can be asked during the interview. Practice these mock sessions thinking that you are being interviewed in front of the recruiter. Cover all the relevant questions and scenarios that can be part of your actual interview. Such mock interviews will build a lot of confidence for your actual interview. Practice how to enter into the room, greet all the members, proper sitting posture, and eye to eye contact while answering the questions. Try to answer all the questions, politely and confidently.

Step 4 of the Interview Preparation – Perfect dressing for an Interview 

Interview Preparation - Perfect dressing for an Interview There is always a confusion regarding what to wear and what not during an interview. It will not be wrong to say that, along with your knowledge during the interview, your dress and the dressing sense play an important role in getting you a job. Your outfit must look professional rather than stylish. A perfect dressing shows your confidence.

For male candidates, a light blue color shirt is considered to be the best along with a dark gray or light brown color trouser. Blue is a symbol of calm, stability, truth, and confidence. You can also pair a light gray shirt along with black trousers. Another perfect combination is a white shirt and gray touser. It is advised to wear a full sleeve shirt and never fold the sleeves. If you wear a black or blue blazer, it will add further to your professional look. Wearing jeans and a t-shirt during an interview gives an unprofessional look.

Similarly, do not wear any bright and shining color dress for an interview. You should choose clothes according to your appearance and personality. It is essential to have the correct combination of belts, socks, and shoes along with your dress. Black is an ideal color for belt and shoes.

If you are a female candidate, you should wear a formal business suit that matches your appearance and personality. Females look more graceful in saree, but it all depends if you can carry it properly. Knee-length skirts, along with the formal top, are also suggested during the interview. Do not use bright colors, animal prints, or anything lacy, sheer, or short cuts. Keep your makeup, jewelry, and hair accessories to a minimum. Use a correct combination of purse and shoes that give a professional look.

Step 5 of the Interview Preparation – Prepare answers to frequently asked questions

Prepare answers to frequently asked questionsThere are a few questions that the interviewers ask in every interview. If you prepare them well, half of the battle is won. Such questions are asked to test your intelligence level and how quickly you can give a convincing reply. It is essential to think through these questions in advance. You should be ready with a smart answer to such questions at the time of the interview. These questions look quite easy to hear, but the answers to these questions differentiate you from the rest of the candidates. If you give a messy and unprepared reply, then it will reduce the possibility of your success.

It is advised that you be ready with an impressive answer to each question listed below.

These are the specific questions asked in every interview,
i. Tell us about yourself.
ii. Why do you want to work for this company?
iii. Why do you want to leave your current job?
iv. What is your biggest weakness and strength?
v. What do you know about our company and where did you hear about this job?
vi. Why should we give this job to you?
vii. What is your expected salary?
viii. What is the most significant achievement of your career so far?
ix. Describe the challenges of your previous job.
x. How do you deal with pressure or stress?
xi. Where do you see yourself after five years?
xii. Do you want to know something?


Step 6 of the Interview Preparation – Ensure all documentations

Interview Preparation - Ensure all documentationsThis activity should be completed a day before your interview. Make sure that all the required documents and photographs are arranged in a proper sequence. The details in the interview form are neatly filled. The required number of copies of your resume have been printed. Arrange all these documents in a good file that you will carry during your interview. Do not keep any of the activities like taking printouts and photocopies for the last moment.  We advise you to carry one extra copy of all the documents and photographs. Most importantly, keep all original documents available for verification.

Step 7 of the Interview Preparation – Reach in time and be confident

Reach in time and be confidentAfter you have taken care of steps 1 to 6, this is the final step that you need to take on the day of your interview. If you are traveling from an outstation, keep a good buffer time to get comfortable before you go for the interview. Even if your interview is in the same city, reach the venue at least an hour before the scheduled time. Check the location beforehand to see how far the venue is and how long it takes. Be confident on the day of your interview, but don’t be overconfident. Be positive, maintain your cool, and have faith in yourself. 


We hope that the seven steps explained here for a sure-shot success in an interview will be helpful to my readers. I will keep on enhancing this article with more relevant and valuable inputs. If you like this article, please share it and provide your feedback.
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