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Most Motivational and Inspiring Books (In Hindi & English) Every Student Must Read

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World’s Best Hindi Stories, Motivational and Inspiring Books every student must read- available in English also

Books are the ocean of knowledge that play a significant role in our life. Good literature is always a source of motivation and inspiration. In this article, we have selected some most popular motivational storybooks and novels which are available in Hindi along with multiple other languages. These world’s best motivational books inspire our life in one way or another.  Every youth of today’s generation must read these life-changing books.

1. Wings Of Fire/अग्नि की उड़ान – One of the motivational book by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Motivational Book by Dr APJ KalamMotivational Book by Dr APJ Kalam

About This Motivational Book

The autobiography is not only the story of the life of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam but also the story of how Dr. Kalam’s rise to himself. It is the story about the self-motivation of Dr. Kalam that led to the development of Agni, Prithvi, Trishul and Nag missiles. The story is about the personal and professional struggles of Dr. Kamal, which established India as a missile-rich country internationally. The book tells how independent India is achieving self-sufficiency in the field of technology and defense. In this book, our former President and noted scientist Abdul Kalam explains the different aspects of governance from his experiences.

Through his progressive, optimistic, and positive thinking, he dreamed of new India that can ensure the development of every citizen.This book can bring a lot of positive changes in the mind of readers that makes this book one of the most inspiring books students should read. Dr. Kamal has written this book is in a very organized manner. Hence, it easy to understand and provides a clear understanding of the chapter. The book has been translated in multiple Indian languages including, Hindi. Thereby readers of Hindi and languages can read this.

Why read this book

If you aspire to make something great for the country, then definitely read the motivational book. Reading this book will provide a lot of positive energy to achieve your goal by changing the system. In my view, every Indian, especially the young generations and students must read this one of the most motivational books. The book explains how to manage a tough situation and emerge out as a winner.

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2. You Can Win/ जीत आपकी  An English and Hindi Motivational book by Shiv Khera

Motivational book by Shiv KheraMotivational book by Shiv Khera

About This One of the Highest Selling Motivational Book

The tag line of the books is “Winners don’t do any different work, they do everything differently.” Written by Shiv Khera – a Motivational speaker and writer of Indian origin, this is a unique book of its kind. You can Win/Jeet Aapki is one of the highest-selling books. The book is  available in 16 Indian languages including, English and Hindi. The book provides the tip to a successful life using some inspiring examples. Thereby, keeps the reader engaged and curious about the next chapter. As the title suggests, this book has enough to change readers’ life. It opens the treasure of inspiration and motivation. This book has inspired people to believe in themselves and achieve success.

Why read this book

The book tells us that there is no shortcut to success. Motivation is the most important thing for success, which force you for hard work and achieve success. The book explains how to turn your weaknesses into strengths. It guides how to control the circumstances instead of getting dominated by them. The book describes how to build faith and trust by increasing mutual respect with people around you. All these aspects of a successful life have been explained with suitable examples making it easy for the reader to understand and follow.  

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3. Rich Dad, Poor Dad रिच डैड , पुअर डैड – A Motivational English and Hindi Story Book by Robert T. Kioski

Rich Dad, Poor Dad- Motivational English and Hindi Story BookRich Dad, Poor Dad - Motivational English and Hindi Story Book

About This Knowledge Packed English and Hindi Story Motivational Book

Rich Dad, Poor Dad is the best selling English and Hindi story motivational book written by Robert Kioski. This book teaches us how to develop an understanding of money, how to fulfill your monetary needs, and how to become rich. One thing that has been very well explained in the books is that we must work for ourselves and not for others. The book explains that economic understanding is essential knowledge. With knowledge of accounting and investment, we differentiate asset and liability. If you have more money, you should spend on the asset and not on liability. In this book, the writer explains that those who bring wealth to us are assets, and those who spend our money have liabilities. Most poor people spend more money on liabilities and remain poor. They buy expensive things and show themselves rich. An important thing that has been explained in the books is that poor people make such a mistake that they always remain poor. While rich people spend money on assets and after some time, they keep getting money from their assets.

Why read this book

It is one of the best selling English and Hindi stories, motivational books. The book explains financial literacy and cash flow in very simple words. This book talks about every topic which is very important in our life which is not taught in school. People who want to explore their financial talent should read this motivational book. The book advocates the importance of financial literacy and financial independence. It describes how to become rich and how to control fear laziness and doubt.

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4. सोचिये और अमीर बनिए Think and Grow Rich – A Motivational Book by Napoleon Hill

Motivational Book by Napoleon HillMotivational Book by Napoleon Hill

About This Motivational Book

Author Napoleon Hill wrote this book after interviewing 500 most successful people in the world. Think and Be Rich is one of the most influential books that show the way to personal achievement. It explains how you can achieve financial freedom and prosperity, which cannot be measured on the scale of money. The book is around the six principles of personal achievements – Desire, Faith, Self Motivation, Knowledge, Imagination, and Planning.

Why read this book

The book explains some such secrets of earning money that can change your life. It will teach you the magic formula that can make you rich. It will not only tell you what to do but also how to do it. If you learn the basic techniques of this book and follow them, you will be able to get real success and real wealth. You can get everything you want in life

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5. सन्यासी जिसने अपनी संपत्ति बेच दी /The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari- A famous English and Hindi Story Motivational Book by Robin Sharma

Motivational English and Hindi Story BookMotivational English and Hindi Story Book

About This Inspirational and Motivational English and Hindi Story Book

The monk who sold his Ferrari is the story of success and prosperity. The story is around a lawyer that starts with his success and ends with the prosperity of his personality. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is a must-read book if you are striving to achieve a happier life. The main character of this book is a lawyer, Julian, who is touching the heights of successes, has assets worth millions of crores, but still lacks happiness and satisfaction in life. He comes to India to find the real joy of life and goes to the Himalayas to meet a saint. The saint tells him the secret of true happiness and says that this education should not remain limited to him, and he must share it with others.

When he comes back, despair and sadness are removed from his life. When his friend John asks him how this change occurred in him, Julian explains to him about the education of that saint, telling the whole story.

Why Read this Book

The book tells the basic principles that will make your life happy. 

  • Positive thinking and mind control
  • Setting goals and staying focused
  • Continuous improvement
  • Self-restraint and discipline
  • Respect the time
  • Maintain a positive personality
  • Live your life today

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6. अति प्रभावकारी लोगों की सात आदतें/The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Motivational Book by Stepehen Covey 

Motivational Book by Stepehen Covey Motivational Book by Stepehen Covey 

About This Inspirational and Motivational Book in English, Hindi and many other languages

This motivational and inspiring book available in multiple languages, including Hindi, is a useful and self-help book. With the help of this book, millions of people have made positive changes in their personalities. The primary purpose of this book is to change the thinking of people and make them effective. This book is a perfect blend of inspiring and influential ideas, which every human must use in their life. The book tells about seven good habits that help people to influence others and achieve success. These habits mostly occur in all successful people. One can follow these habits in their personal and professional life. Every person must read this book to become influential and successful by following the seven habits.

Why Read This Book

The book explains that for long-lasting success, we should change our emotions and behavior not only from outside but also from inside. Shortcuts can give only temporary success, not a long-lasting one. The seven habits that the author has explained in the book are the means of personal development of effective people. These seven habits are

  • Be Proactive
  • Begin with the end in mind
  • Put first things first
  • Think win-win
  • Seek first to understand, Then to be understood
  • Synergize
  • Sharpen the Saw

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7. लोक व्यवहार/How to Win Friends and Influence People – A motivational Book by Dale Carnegie

motivational Book by Dale Carnegiemotivational Book by Dale Carnegie

About This Motivational Book in Hindi and many other languages

This book was first published in 1937, and to date, more than three crore copies have been sold worldwide. It has been translated into many languages, including Hindi. This simple and easy to understand book also influence those who are not keen on reading.  This book explains the fundamental techniques of handling people. The way we treat people, and we talk to them impacts our relationship in work-area, family, and social life. The success of our life depends on how we are dealing with people. This book makes us understand the psychology of human relationships. Readers will learn the tricks to improve their life by reading this fantastic book. The book helps in bringing positive changes in relationships, be it personal, family, or social. 

Why Read This Book

This book is for all those who are unable to motivate themselves. In this book, 12 such things have been explained, by which you can change yourself and bring the ability to become a successful businessman, salesman, or a leader. 

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8. अलकेमिस्ट/The Alchemist – A motivational story book in Hindi and English by Paulo Coelho

motivational story book in Hindi and Englishmotivational story book in Hindi and English

About This Motivational Story Book in Hindi and many other languages

“The Alchemist” is counted among the most inspiring books worldwide. This book originally published in the Purtagali language in 1988, and till now, it has been translated into 56 different languages. “The Alchemist” explains unique and effective ways to live life through a great story. The book has changed the lives of many people. Most of us do not have a goal in life, sometimes if even if there is a goal, there is not enough inspiration and motivation to achieve it. This storybook creates new hope in all of us and acts as a source of inspiration. By reading this, one will remain motivated throughout their life.

Why Read This Book

There are many things in this book that are inspiring. Book explains that the biggest obstacle in the path of success is our fear – often, we are afraid to make a decision. But in the end, we find that a decision changes our lives. Another thing that has been very smarty explained in the book is our illusion towards the right time to come to start work. The book tells you that you believe in your dreams and goals and work hard for it. “If you want to get something from your mind, then the whole universe will be working to match that thing to you.”

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9. बड़ी सोच का बड़ा जादू/The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz

The Magic of Thinking BigThe Magic of Thinking Big

About This Motivational Book with short stories available in Hindi and other languages 

Written by David J. Schwartz, this inspiring book tells us that how can we change our life by setting goals and thinking positively. How can we make our thinking bigger and succeed in life? The book tells that the best way to get inspired is to remove the negativity of mind and fill it with positive thoughts. But just thinking positive will not help. We will have to think big, only then we will see its magic. Instead of being more intellectual and more talented, one has to change his thinking and habits to be successful. Following the principles stated in this book, millions of people have become successful and wealthy.

Why Read This Book This book is suitable for the new generation. The short stories in this book will teach you how to handle a situation with positivity. This self-help book is meant to improve itself by repeatedly reading and applying its principles in life. If your goal is to get a better job or to become rich, this book tells you all the practical ways of working in real life.

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