Boost Immunity with Balanced Diet and Fight Coronavirus

Diet to Fight Coronavirus: Boost Immunity with These 9 Things in Diet

The Devil called Coronavirus has put the majority of the world behind lockdown. In India too, the number of positive cases are increasing rapidly. Government is doing all the things that are necessary to prevent corona infection. As a part of this initiative, the lockdown has been further extended. In such a situation, citizens are advised to wash their hands regularly, use a face mask, and maintain social distancing. According to doctors and health experts, immunity plays an important role in protecting from any virus. In cases related to coronavirus, it is been noticed that people with weak immunity are more vulnerable.  To avoid this, it is extremely important to include high antiviral food in our diet that helps to boost the immunity and protect from coronavirus.

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To Fight this deadly coronavirus and increase immunity, Government has issued several advisories. Not only this, but our honourable Prime Minister in his addresses to the nation has also advised people to follow the guidelines of  Ministry of Ayush. To increase the body immunity and fight coronavirus, it has been advised to increase the intake of hot water, decoction etc. PM has also requested the citizens of India to download Arogya Setu app to help the nation’s fight against Coronavirus. 

 Factors That Contribute to Boost Immunity to Fight Coronavirus 

There are multiple factors that contribute to good immunity. This include, an adequate sleep, stress-free life, balanced diet, yogasana and pranayama. Regular practice of yogasana and pranayama reduces the stress, provides strengthen to various organs and helps in good sleep. However, a balanced diet is extremely important for good immunity.  To avoid the coronavirus and to boost immunity, it is very important to include high anti-viral food in the diet. These anti-viral food helps to increase immunity in a natural way. 

Immunity Boosting Diet Items: Safeguard from Coronavirus

Along with the basic hygiene to avoid the coronavirus, a balanced diet is important to boost the immunity. The diet should have sufficient amount of antioxidants. As antioxidants is helpful in repairing sick cells, it  reduces the effect of age alongwith maintaining good health. Elements like beta-keratin, selenium, vitamin-A, vitamin-B2 and B6, vitamin-C, vitamin-E, vitamin-D are important for strengthening immunity.  

9 Food Items That Boost Immunity And Protect From Coronavirus  

 1.  Intake of Vitamin ‘C’ in Diet:  Boost Immunity Fight Coronavirus   

Vitamin C is full of antioxidants. As we all know, antioxidants are prescribed in lowering the risk of infectious diseases. This is due to the reason, the intake of vitamin C increases the immunity. Hence, citrus fruits which are rich in vitamin C  are considered beneficial for improving immunity. For vitamin C, one should eat fruits like orange, guava, papaya, kiwi, strawberries, rose hips etc.  Other food items like Kakadu plums, chilli peppers, blackcurrants, thyme, parsley, mustard spinach, kale, brussels sprouts, broccoli, Lemons etc are rich in Vitamin C.

2. Garlic: Immunity Booster 

Garlic, a very good source of antioxidants prevents bacterial and virus infections in the body. Not only this, but it is also rich in allicin, zinc, sulfur, selenium and vitamins A and vitamin E.  Because of its antibacterial properties, Consuming garlic helps in boosting immunity. One can eat raw garlic as well.

3. Vitamin D: Provide Strength to Fight Coronavirus

Vitamin D protects the body from various infections. If someone is prone to diseases, again and again,  this may be due to the deficient of vitamin D. Because when the body has the deficiency of vitamin D, then the immunity becomes weak. Consuming vitamin D is beneficial for health, especially when the body has to fight against respiratory infections including cold and flu. Hence, it is important to maintain the right level of vitamin D in the body to fight deadly coronavirus.

Sunrays are considered to be the main source of Vitamin D. Also, salmon fish, tuna fish, cheese, poultry and soy milk are  rich in vitamin D.

4. Ginger: Anti-imflammatory, Immunity Booster & Disease Resistant  

Being used by Ayurveda in multiple medicines, ginger is an integral part of every kitchen. Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, ginger is useful in curing the throat infections and nasal passages. Many anti-viral elements are found in ginger. Consuming it with honey daily can be extremely useful in boosting immunity and protecting from coronavirus infection.  

5. Basis: The divine medicine to boost immunity

Tulsi is one such plant with divine power, which proves to be the medicine for many types of diseases. In the morning, one should suck 5 basil leaves or drink their juice on an empty stomach. Also, the decoction made with honey, ginger and basil is very effective in giving relief from asthma, phlegm and cold.  Consuming it regularly helps to boost immunity and protects from coronavirus infection.

6. Mushroom: Forms Antibodies

Poor immunity of the body is an open invitation to coronavirus. In such a situation, with the availability of Vitamin, Protein and essential fibres, mushrooms form antibodies in the body. Thereby it increases body immunity. Hence, it is advised to include mushrooms in the diet to avoid multiple diseases and infections like coronavirus. 

7. Cinnamon: Antifungal properties boosts immunity

Apart from an important spice ingredient of every kitchen, cinnamon is also used in many of the Ayurveda medicines.  Because of its antioxidant and antifungal properties, it is very useful in strengthening the immune system.  Hence, using cinnamon as a food ingredient certainly protects from a viral infection of the corona.  Mixed with honey, one teaspoon of cinnamon should be consumed every morning.

8. Liquorice

Rich in medicinal properties, liquorice contains calcium, glyceric acid, antioxidant, antibiotic, protein and fat. It is effective like an antibiotic medicine, which acts as a disease resistance. Apart from this, the anti-viral properties present in it protects from any type of viral infection. To remain healthy and fit, you can consume liquorice regularly in certain amounts. With this, our body’s immunity is strengthened and fight against infections like coronavirus. 

9. Anise  

With a variety of medical qualities,  Anise seeds are a good antioxidants. This help in reducing stress and also take care of heart. According to research, anise seed has a tremendous amount of vitamin C. It also contains minerals such as calcium, sodium, phosphorus, iron and potassium. Hence, consuming anise seeds regularly is very effective in protecting from infections like coronavirus.


To Conclude

As there is no vaccine available to protect from coronavirus, it is important to take care of yourself.  For this, it is extremely important to include immunity booster food items in the diet. Actually, a strong immunity can help protect us from coronavirus infection. Among a few things to avoid are, raw or half-cooked food, cold drinks, fast foods etc, as they damage our immunity.


 The content provided here based on our research of various information available across the internet and putting them into a meaningful compilation. 

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