7 Best Blood Sugar Test Machine Recommended for Sugar Patients

Blood Sugar Test Machine

Over 77 million people in India are suffering from diabetes. This constitutes 17 percent of the world’s diabetes population. Diabetes or blood sugar is one such disease that the patient needs to regularly monitor. For this, a glucometer or blood sugar test machine plays an important role. This handy medical device you can easily use at home to determine the level of glucose in the blood. It is also called SMBG (Self Monitoring of Blood Glucose). In this article, you will get to know about some of the best glucometers in India.

The 12 Authentic Nike Running Shoes in India (New Releases)

Best Nike Running Shoes

While many of the showrooms and online stores sell Nike shoes, some of the exclusive and newest releases of Nike running shoes are still not easily available. Such shoes being a bit expensive require a good amount of investment. Hence it is imperative to buy these expensive Nike running shoes from an authentic place.

The 6 Best Vitamin D Supplements and Their Health Benefit

Vitamin D Supplements

Bones and muscle pain have become a common problem these days. Even the young generation is becoming a victim of this pain. Deficiency of Vitamin D is often the main cause of these pains. While the main source of Vitamin D is the sun, the problem of its deficiency is increasing rapidly in the busy lifestyle of urban cities. Thankfully, there are Vitamin D supplements available that help you to maintain a healthy life.

10 Best Vitamin C Supplements and Their Health Benefits

Best Vitamin C Supplements

Our body cannot generate vitamin C so it is important to get it either from foods or through supplements. These supplements are available in the form of tablets, capsules, and powder. Some Vitamin C supplements are available in a combination of other nutrients like zinc, amla, etc that provides you with multiple health benefits.