Affiliate Disclaimer

Affiliate Partnership Disclaimer

Dear Friends, Thanks for accessing ‘True Buddy’. 

True Buddy is an initiative to help the students of India to meet their needs with the best options handpicked from multiple websites. Your True Buddy understands what you really are looking for. While True Buddy is dedicated to helping you to meet your career goals it also ensures your lifestyle needs. Through this affiliate partnership disclaimer, True Buddy wants to inform you that we may end up receiving some commission when you click through some of the links on this website and end up in making some purchases. However, this may not stand true in all the cases,

In a process of bringing the best of the product and courses, True Buddy has been maintaining multiple affiliate partnerships, Though it may not be possible to list down all our associations, some of the prominent affiliate partnerships are with Amazon India, Flipkart, Myntra, Udemy, Udacity. Edureka, Simplilearn, edx, datacamp, Linkedin and a few others. In case you have any query about our partnerships, feel free to drop us a mail at [email protected]