10 Best Digital Weighing Scale Options for Home Use: Review & Buying Guide

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Are you a fitness freak or over conscious about your health? In both the situation you need to maintain ideal body weight. For the sake of fitness, we do everything like taking healthy diets, doing yoga, and going to the gym. But one important thing we ignore is to keep a track of our body weight. Having a digital weighing scale at home can be extremely useful in this situation.

In this busy life, we often forget to keep a track of our weight and realize only when it crosses the limit. As a result, our body becomes a victim of multiple diseases. To avoid such a situation, it is important that the body weight is in proportion to the height. Whether you are underweight, overweight or a fit person, the weighing machine plays a supporting role in all situations.

Investing a small amount on buying a weighing machine for home is nothing in comparison to the amount we pay for losing a few pounds in the gym.

Here we will know about various options of a digital weighing scale that are available. We will understand what are the positive and negative features of these machines. Based on our need we will decide which all are the best weighing machine that we can consider for home use.

Before we jump into the options of the digital weighing scale, let us first know about the various types of weighing scales.

Broadly there are 2 types of weighing machine

Analog Weighing Machine

These are the traditional weighing machines used for a long time.

In this machine, the weight is displayed in a dial. If you are looking for a cheap and maintenance-free weighing machine for your home use, then you can go for this.

This machine is a one-time investment and if it is used properly, it will be there with you for a longer period.

Since this machine works on spring, they tend to wear and tear and results in the wrong measurement as well.

Also, as the weight is depicted in small pointers, it always has a readability issue.

Digital Weighing Machine

For all the good reasons, the digital weighing scale is far superior to an analog weighing scale.

In this, the weight is displayed on a small screen and can be read with accuracy.

In short, precision, accuracy and readability are the three key features digital weighing machines. 

Unlike analog weight machine, these machines run on battery. 

Digital weighing machines are available with multiple advanced options like compatibility with a mobile phone, LCD screen, auto power-off etc.  

10 Best Digital Weighing Scale Options For Home Use: Review And Buying Guide

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An amazing weighing machine for home use.

Just set a health goal and this new generation data-driven weighing machine is there to help you out. It is a perfect health companion that helps you to understand your body better with accurate stats.

Download Hesley app on your smartphone and sync it with all the data of 18 essential body composition metrics. This includes BMI, BFR, muscle, moisture, bone mass, BMR, visceral fat, subcutaneous fat, protein rate, body age, standard weight, weight control, body fat, weight without fat, muscle weight, the amount of protein, and the degree of obesity.

Track your data and plan your health activities accordingly. You can also sync this data with other health apps like fitbit, apple health, and google fit.

The scale operated on 2 AAA easily replaceable batteries. 

For all its good features, the majority of buyers are extremely satisfied with this product.

The product is made in Germany.

Pros And Cons Of Hesley Digital Weighing Scale


  • One of the technologically advanced digital weighing scales with a load of useful features.
  • The scale has the capacity to store up to 8 users’ health profiles and save their measurement data.
  • Track up to 18 health Parameters with easy sync on a smartphone.
  • Feature to measure your baby’s using baby mode.
  • Equipped with a high precision strain gauge sensor to ensure a high amount of accuracy.
  • 6mm tempered safety glass with a capacity of up to 180 kg.
  • Auto on-step on for weight function and auto-off.
  • Low battery and over load indicator. ,
  • Designed to perfectly meet your weight loss goals
  • Bright 73 x 29 mm red font LED display adds beauty to this best in its class digital weighing scale.
  • Extremely high customer satisfaction with 90% of the customers rating 4 and above.


  • No adverse observation in Hesley weighing scale.


One of the best weighing machines if you are serious about your weight control and other related health parameters.

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This ultra-slim, portable, and rechargeable digital weighing scale comes with the brand tag of Dr Trust. The brand is a leader in delivering health devices with quality, accuracy, and precision.

Bluetooth enabled this body analyser scale easily syncs 18 composition metrics on your smartphone. To enable this simply download Dr Trust Scale Connect app on your android or iOS phone. This makes it easier to compare body metrics data in the form of graphs and track the progress.

The 4 high precision sensors ensure accuracy and monitor health composition metrics.  

This low power consuming digital weighing scale can be easily charged with a standard android USB cable and can be used multiple times.  It has auto power on and off feature.  The data of essential body composition are stored on the app and can be checked anytime. 

The product is made in PRC.

Pros And Cons Of Dr Trust Digital Weighing Scale


  • Sleek design, lightweight (1.36 kg) and portable
  • The round safe finish makes it safe for home use
  • Very clear and attractive display with large LCD in blue colour
  • 4 high precision sensors for up to 2 digital accuracy
  • Measures and displays the room temperature along with the body stats
  • Easy to sync all data with your smartphone using Dr Trust Scale app
  • Auto power-on and off feature that saves power
  • 75% of the users have rated it 4 and above.


  • The scale is not as precise and accurate as it is claimed. Many users have a complaint about the inconsistency in measurement


Big-name but quality needs improvement, also it’s Made in PRC.

image courtesy amazon

Active X digital weighing scale is another highly admired weighing machine by the users that empowers you to take control of your goals and achieve it. 

The scale is designed for fitness lovers of all age groups and families.  This digital weighing scale is tailored for those seeking an easy and effective way to manage body weight and BMI. 

To sync Ivy+ smart weight scale data with your smartphone, just download the app and start using it. Set your goal in the app and plan your activities to achieve the same. Track the progress on your smartphone through charts and graphs. You can also sync ActiveX IVY Plus data with your other health apps like Google Fit, Apple Health, and Fitbit.

The scale can store data up to 18 users, making it useful for a big family. A perfect health companion for home use.

The product is designed in Australia and made in PRC

Pros And Cons Of ActiveX IVY Plus Digital Weighing Scale


  • Highly appreciated by the real users.
  • Sleek, easy setup, and convenient portability
  • Quality standards certified by FDA/CE/FCC/RoHS.
  • Easy to track body weight and BMI through easy integration with ActiveX app on a smartphone.
  • Auto on-off and auto calibration
  • One year warranty


  • Should have more body parameters
  • Made in PRC


Highly appreciated, good quality, and easy to use digital weighing scale. Go for it if you are ok for made in PRC.

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If you have a small family and looking to buy an easy to use digital weighing scale,  Charge Zero is a good option. It has a capacity of storing up to 4 profiles.

The scale efficiently measures 6 important body metrics. This includes Body Weight, Body Fat, Body Water, Bone Mass, Muscle Mass, and BMI. 

A unique feature of this digital weighing scale is the use of the Piezoelectric Effect. This is a batter free technology. There is no need for any battery or charging. To use this simply need to press the chargee zero button for 4 to 5 times to power-up the device. To create your profile, enter your height, age, and gender and stand on the machine. Within a few seconds, it will analyze your body compositions and gives the results.

The build quality is quite sturdy with  5 mm thick tempered glass. The curved edges and anti-skid finish makes provides the safety.  

This weighing scale has been designed in Germany and comes with a warranty of 6 months.

Pros And Cons Of Charge Zero Automatic Body Digital Weighing Scale


  • Large LCD display that gives clear readability of body weight & other measurements.
  • No charging needed, no battery needed.
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Measures 6 important body metrics without any complexity.


  • Some users have a complaint about the inconsistency and inaccuracy in measurement
  • There is no option to sync data with smartphone .
  • Scale can only stores up to 4 profiles.


Good for a small family.

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If you are looking for a lightweight, sturdy and simple featured digital weighing scale for home use, then this is the one for you.

Wenex digital weighing scale is a made in India product and is N0. 1 accuracy certified kinetic energy-based device. Based on battery-free technology this environment-friendly weighing scale has usages limit of 50000 lifetimes.

Equipped with high precision strain gauge sensor system this scale provides an accurate measurement of human body weight. The minimum effective weight this scale can withstand  180 kg

The best thing about this machine is the mechanism that powers it. Just a tap before you weigh yourself and its all charged up.

Pros And Cons Of Warmex Kinetic U Power Digital Weighing Scale


  • Ideal for home use for bodyweight measurement
  • Auto power generation function
  • Auto power off, auto-zero setting and low power indicator
  • Maximum weight capacity of 180 kg and overload indicator
  • No 1 certified kinetic energy-based digital weighing scale
  • Good build quality with 5 mm tempered glass and rounded corners
  • LCD display with backlight


  • No major adverse observation.


Value for money. Have everything you can expect in a budget digital weighing scale.

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Omron is one of the top-selling digital weighing scales which is there in the market for a long time. It’s a very simple to use straight forward scale with auto power on and power off feature.

It has a sleek design that works on 4 sensor accuracy technology.

The material is thick toughened glass with measuring capacity up to 150 kg. It works on a lithium metal battery to display body weight with led light.

Pros And Cons Of Omron HN 289 Digital Weight Scale


  • Auto power off, auto-zero setting
  • Good build quality with tempered glass and rounded corners
  • LCD display with backlight
  • 4 Sensor Accuracy Technology
  • 76% of the users rated it 4 and above


  • Made in China
  • Inaccuracy in measurement reported by few users


Needs improvement. Also, it’s made in PRC product.

image courtesy amazon

Piesome electronic weighing scale is a good option among decent weighing machines for home use. This attractive looking new design digital weight scale comes with a large digital LCD that makes reading easy and convenient.

The build material of this weight scale is a thick tempered glass made for human weight up to 180kg.   

Around 79% of the users have given a rating of 4 and above to this scale.

Pros And Cons Of Piesome Electronic Display Digital Weighing Scale


  • Auto power off, auto-zero setting
  • Good build quality with tempered glass and rounded corners
  • Extra large LCD display with backlight
  • Battery & Temp Indicator in Screen
  • High Precision Sensor to ensure accuracy
  • Overload Indication


  • Inaccuracy in measurement reported by many users


The scale has all the good features required in this range. This digital weighing scale can be considered for home use.

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This attractive brushed black design digital weighing scale is a decent choice for home use.  Made of the toughened glass surface with curved edges and anti-skid platform this weighing scale proves a complete safety.

The large LCD clearly shows the body weight, room temperature, battery status, charging display, and low battery indicator. The scale is capable to provide weight in 3 measuring units kg/lb/st that can be switched from a button at the bottom. 

The weighing scale is equipped with high precision gauge sensors embedded with sense gravity zero technique for accurate results. It is powered by two 1.5V AAA lithium-polymer battery for greater life. 

Pros And Cons Of Healthgenie Electronic Digital Weighing Scale


  • 3 types of measuring units to choose from – kg/lg/st
  • Attractive looks and lightweight
  • Low battery & room temperature indicator on Screen
  • High Precision Sensor to ensure accuracy
  • Anti-skid platform and rounded edge
  • Auto On-Off feature


  • Led screen backlight could have made this scale even more attractive


Overall a good deal if you are looking a decent weighing scale for home use.

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Another good weighing scale for home use which delivers good value for the money is IGRid Digital Weighing Machine.

With 76% of the users rating it 4 and above, this weighing scale has a rounded  LED with backlight. The backlight makes it easy to read the measured data easily and even in a dark environment.

The high precision 4 point sensor provides accuracy in the measurement. 

The body of the scale is made of strong ABS plastic following an ergonomic design. The is a non-slip mat on the back of the scale which ensures proper grip during use. 

Pros And Cons Of IGRiD Precision Digital Weighing Machine


  • Good build quality with strong ABS plastic and anti-skid platform.
  • Low battery & overload indicator on Screen
  • High Precision Sensor to ensure accuracy
  • Auto On-Off and auto-zero feature
  • Very attractive transparent red HD back-light LED


  • No major negative observation


This is really a decent, strong, and long-lasting weighing scale , ideal for home use.

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One of the highest-selling digital weighing scales, Hoffen HO-18 is a perfect weighing scale for home use. 

Hoffen HO-18 has high precision sensors that ensure accurate reading every time. The upper surface of the weighing scale is made of strong bearing tempered glass that is quite durable. The display panel has a 75 x30 mm LCD  screen that clearly shows the weight, room temperature, and low battery indicator.

Pros And Cons Of Hoffen HO-18 Digital Electronic Weighing Scale


  • High precision strain gauge sensor system to ensure accurate measurement
  • Low battery & overload indicator on Screen
  • Auto On-Off
  • LCD display
  • Easy to use


  • Slight variation in measurement reported by some of the users


There are better options available in the market!

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Asperia digital weighing scale is a highly admired scale by the end-user. With 74% of the users rating it 5 out of 5, this clearly shows the high acceptance of this weighing scale.

Looks-wise the scale is very attractive which is made of transparent thick glass with Colored Strip. It has a large digital LCD that makes reading easy and convenient.

The high precision strain gauge sensor system ensures the accuracy of the measurement. 

Pros And Cons Of ASPERIA Electronic Thick Tempered Glass


  • LCD display with light
  • Battery and temperature indicator in screen
  • Automatic On-Off feature
  • Overload indicator
  • High end-user satisfaction


  • Made in China


Despite being made in China, this digital weighing scale has all good features and is well appreciated by users.



Bluetooth Enabled Digital Weighing Scales Budget Segment Digital Weighing Scale
The one digital weighing scale that we like from all aspects is Hesley Bluetooth Digital Scale. This has all the latest features and functionality that any fitness freak person will look for in a weighing scale. If you are looking for a weighing scale not only to track your weight but also some of the essential compositions, then go for Hesley Bluetooth Digital scale.Our top pick in the budget segment weighing scale is Warmex Kinetic U Power Digital Personal Weighing Scale. This scale comes with accuracy certification and is based on kinetic energy. If you are looking for a long-lasting and low-maintenance body weighing scale, then Warmex digital weighing scale is the right choice.

Weighing Scale Buying Guide


There is a variety of weighing scales available in the market starting from an analog weigh scale to digital weighing scale. In a digital weighing scale also there are options to go for a Bluetooth enabled weighing scale that provides the measurement of multiple essential body compositions apart from the weight. You can even track your measurement and the progress on your smartphone through an app. On the other hand, there are the options of weighing scales which only provide the measurement of your body weight. It all depends upon your goal and need to decide on the features you are looking for.

Accuracy is the most important aspect when you are buying a bathroom scale. How to check this? Make sure that you are buying something which has already been tested and reviewed earlier. There is no harm in going through the end-user review and understand pros and cons.

The display is an important aspect to be taken care of while you buy a new weighing scale. The display is the area where you see the measurements. It should be clearly visible. A good quality weighing scale comes with a large LED display with a backlight for easy readability. Also, some of the good quality scales shows the measurement up to 2 digits of the fraction.

Build material is another important feature that should not be ignored. Make sure the material used on the upper and the base are of good quality and provide good grip. Also, the corners of the four sides should be rounded for safety.

Almost all the digital weighing scale comes with substantial weighing range, still, it is important to check it before you buy.

Review and ratings from the previous users help a lot in deciding the right product. If you buying it for the first time, have a look at the review section of customers who are already using that weighing scale.

How To Use Bathroom Weighing Scale for Accurate Measurement

  • Make sure that your weighing scale is placed on a hard plane surface. Avoid putting it on a carper or bathroom rug while you take your weight.
  • Prefer to use the same weighing scale always as there is always a slight difference between the calibration between two scales. Using different weighing scale every time will end-up in getting the inaccurate measurement.
  • If you are concerned about every fraction of the weight, it’s better to use the same type or same weight cloth while you take your weight.
  • Do not take your weight every day. Taking weight once a week is a good idea.
  • The best time to take your weight is in the morning before you take your breakfast.

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